Mautic seems to have an issue with campaigns generating hundreds and sometimes thousands of notifications. This is not only very annoying but tends to junk up your database with useless notifications. Trying to clean these notifications from the web interface can be a daunting task because you cannot mass delete them. The clear all option does not really clear them all, only about 25 at a time. After much searching on the internet, the most elegant solution was posted by Kyler Boudreau from The original post by Kyler can be found here. Kyler’s post explains how to clean it from the command line, I will explain how to do this from cPanel.

Login to cPanel

First of all a word of caution: If you do now what you are doing and have no idea what SQL is, get some help, this can seriously mess up your Mautic installation in the most permanent way. The second thing to do: Back up your Mautic database!

Open phpMyAdmin

In the phpMyAdmin interface select your Mautic database and locate and take note of the table that contains the notifications. It should be labeled xxxxx_notifications, where xxxxx depends on your installation. In my installation, it is called mau8o_notifications. Select SQL from the top menu of phpMyAdmin to open the SQL command prompt and execute the following command:


Replace “tablename” with the name of your table. Mautic Notifications SQL That’s it! You’re! done.

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