What is an email sending service

An email sending service is crucial for today’s email marketing professional. Sending thousands of emails with your desktop computer is no longer an option. Doing this is a sure way to end up in the spam box.

Email sending service companies send email on your behalf through their systems. Your current email service will most likely not handle sending thousands of emails a day.


Why use an email sending service

Your ISP will suspend your account if they see you sending thousands of emails. This is why you need email sending services like Sengrid, MailChimp, and Amazon SES. Email sending services offer a lot more than sending emails on your behalf. Other useful perks that you get are:

  • Keeping track of viewed emails
  • Manage email unsubscribes
  • Track Hard and Soft Bounces
  • See who marked you as spam
  • Keep track of invalid emails
  • Email templates

Email sending services also have limited analytics services, similar to Google Analytics. Stats that you can view:

  • Geodata (where was your email viewed)
  • Email clients and devices (Android, iPhone, Samsung, LG, Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Mailbox Provider info (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

Services like Sendgrid also offer transactional email that helps you manage marketing campaigns.


Pro Tip

When creating mass email campaigns you should not use your working domain. You need to create a new domain for marketing purposes and use it for your email campaigns. The reason is that if you send out 10,000 emails from john.doe@some-domain.com you can have your domain flagged as spam.

Having your working domain flagged as spam will send your company’s email to the spam folder. You want to register a new domain (i.e. www.mail-some-domain.com) and use it for your marketing efforts. If this new domain gets flagged as spam because of a mistake, your main working domain is safe.

Check out my other article on SPF, DMARC, and DAKIM email authentication.


Marketing Automation

By far the biggest benefit of using an email sending service is automation. Most companies offer integrations with third-party platforms.

This can allow you to send emails based on actions like buying an item or subscribing to a newsletter.

Action based emails are Transactional Emails and are a key component of any marketing effort. Companies like Sengrid offer Transactional Email services.

If you need more control you can integrate Sengrid with software like Mautic. It handles landing pages, integrations with CRM’s, and even text message cell phones.

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